From the Creators of Kult Magazine, EYEYAH! is a new Art Publication for Kids by Artists. Designed to make us see the world differently.

 36 Days of Type - Number 0.

- Eyeyah Magazine -

From the Creators of Kult Magazine, EYEYAH! is a a new fun quarterly publication for children that uses Creativity to talk about Social Issues facing young people. A new Art Publication for Kids by Artists, it is designed to make us see the world differently.


 Selected letters and numbers from our 36 Days of Type contribution.

- EyeYah! Masthead -


 Number 5.

- Reverse Masthead -


 Number 9.

- Secondary Logo: All seeing eye -


We were tasked to create the masthead for the publication. The masthead is the single most important element on a cover with the power to make or break a magazine. An interesting masthead allows the magazine to easily stand out on the newsstands. The masthead has be recognisable, portray the magazine’s personality, speaks to the audience, yet flexible enough to work in different context. Choosing the right typeface for the masthead thus makes a world of difference.

Constrained by the limited vertical space for the masthead, we set out to achieve a distinct elegance in design, setting the appropriate tone for the magazine, while imbuing it with character and a hint of quirkiness. We jumped right in when kult spoke to us about this wonderful problem they had, as we find it a privilege to design for a magazine set out to inspire the next generation of creatives.

 Number 6 - Process.

- Secondary Logo: Exclamation -


- Process -

The challenge for us is to maintain rhythm and consistency between the letters, selecting the appropriate typeface so that the letters sitting next to another appear rhythmic and balanced.


 Letters T & U.

- Clear Space Guide -



- Logo sizes -


 Letter W.

- tote bag -




- Masthead on Magazine -





Credits - Design & Direction: BÜRO UFHO | Agency & Naming: kult