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Territory Magazine - Design Crusaders

The design crusaders featured in this issue are examples of individuals, or collectives whose works and projects exists in the periphery of advancing design and culture on to the next level. They are examples and models for younger designers, passing on the design flame or torch as it were, by teaching in conferences, sharing with us their ideas, creativity and enthusiasm, we learn of their commitment to social and environmental issues, maintaining creative control in advertising projects, their unique journeys towards the attaining of their goals.

We also examine their different approaches and perspectives on the subject of design, and how each different thread weaves and interconnects to create the larger reality of the zeitgeist of design in these times, not only as a cultural signifier, but design as a cultural shaper.
— Territory Magazine

Featured in Territory Magazine 11, along with Non-Format, Jasper Goodall, and Miika Saksi.