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We just went to The Design Film Festival for the screening of Design is One as well as Sign Painters - 2 films of polar opposites that are similar to how we approach Design. On one hand, we have Neutrality - an approach to Design to be semantically and syntactically correct, pragmatically understandable, intellectually elegant and timeless; The other, Expressivity - an approach to be engaging, visually-arresting, that is full of soul, and incredibly beautiful craft worked. In many ways we aspire to gel the 2 approaches into our philosophy, which often can be a struggle.

Life is too short to devote to an -ism. And Design is able to encompass all the different kinds of school of thought. For us, we hope to push ourselves to the best of our abilities, not advocating too much in a specific type of -ism or else we'd miss the bigger picture.