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Storm Gone

I would often look forward to visit record shops for the endless visual inspirations from the album covers - mosaics of fancy vinyl art on walls, layers and layers of CD covers on display shelves. So often I would buy an album just because of it’s cover, which showcases the talents of many photographers, designers, illustrators, artists and even typographers.

"I would say that the album art culture is of significant importance and a record shop is like an accessible museum gallery. Never judge a book by it's cover they say, but great album covers often shows the music artists' sincerity towards making the album. The result is that it always equate to great albums. Album art has always inspired me to work in this field subconsciously and looking back now it definitely has something to do with how I eventually got to design for the music industry when I first started out."

A quote by JUN taken from The Design Society Journal Issue 1. Here's an inspiring collection of some of the most iconic album covers created by Storm Thorgerson, most of which belong to pre-Photoshop era. RIP, and thank you for the inspiration.